Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Bali / Java Pelog

Finally I successfully finished my Java / Bali bamboo flute. In these photos I made them in Key F in octave no 4 (longer) and for some reason a Key A# / B Flat (shorter) in Pelog Scale - one of the scales famously used in Gamelan music beside the salendro scale. Listening to the high pitch of the Key A#, make your souls soar in the mountainous terraced-paddy field in the Indonesian country side. 

In this photo I attached the Key F as well for those who enjoy the lower and mellower sound. In addition I may also make them in Key C#, and Key E for a lower and mellower melancholic sound of the nature. Notice the placement of the tone holes and the size of each of them. It is comprised of 4 tone holes. However, for ease of thrilling, I intentionally incorporate another hole at the back (thumb hole). I hope you enjoy it , and if for any reason, I am contactable at mjrosman@gmail.com or +60193827279