Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Bamboo Flute (Japanese Shakuhachi 1.8) - Key D Minor Pentatonic Scale

Dear all,I successfully crafted a Japanese bamboo flute (Shakuhachi 1.8) which plays Key D in Minor Pentatonic Scale. All tone holes are predefined to play the right notes which comprises the Minor Pentatonic Scale. The base note is D in 4th octave (Key D4). I also attached some of the snap shots of the flute for your kind appreciation. Notice the placement of the tone holes and the size of each of them. It is comprised of 5 tone holes unlike its Major Scale counterpart (6 holes) and with the difference in placements. I hope you enjoy it , and if for any reason, I am contactable at mjrosman@gmail.com or +60193827279.


  1. Boleh sy tahu range harga bagi shakuhachi ni?
    email sy: emiejunk@yahoo.com
    tq =)

  2. Setakat ni masim RM 50.00 tidak termasuk pos laju. Nanti saya email sample lagu dia.

  3. saya nak tanya boleh tempah lagi tak??

  4. Assalamualaikum... masih boleh tempah.. tolong beri email pada saya.. sila lawati http://serulingbuluh.weebly.com